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Texas Star Grill Shop carries many different grills to choose from: Charcoal Grills, Ceramic Grills, Wood Pellet Grills, Gas Grills, and Built-In Grills.  Plus all varieties of wood pellets, cooking wood, spices and rubs, and a whole lot of barbecue accessories. We have the best brands at the best prices.


Which grill is best for you?

Joe Traeger invented the wood pellet grill in 1986.  The technology came from the wood pellet stove in which he also invented. With a Traeger you can control your temperature from 180-425 degrees all with electronic control.  Fans blowing heat and smoke around the food is the secret of why the food tastes so good.  With a Traeger you can smoke, bake, roast, and grill.  Look for some amazing new innovations in the coming months.

Green Mountain Pellet Grills upgrade your wood pellet cooking. GMG grills control your temperature from 150 to 500 degrees.  Dual fan system keeps air flow moving and also controls the fire to keep temperature variation to a minimum. Wi-Fi grills allow you to monitor your meat temperature and change the grill temperature using your smart phone. New innovations include a direct heat option on all grills.

Memphis Wood Fired Grills are also wood pellet grills.  Made in USA and high grade USA stainless steel.   Control your temperature from 180-700 degrees.  Intelligent Temperature Control allows you to set your temperature with very little variation.   Direct flame option allows you to cook over an wood fired open flame giving that sear for your steaks. New Wi-Fi control allows you to control your grill with your phone.

Pitt's & Spitt's has been a legend in the BBQ business for over 30 years. In that time, Pitt’s & Spitt’s has been mixing Texas tradition with new world techniques to consistently produce the “Best looking, Best cooking BBQ pits in the world." Whether you’re a gourmet chef, caterer, competition cook-off team, or backyard pit-master, we have a BBQ pit or grill for you. We use the highest quality steel and hardware available to handcraft our pits into the finest product on the market.  Pitts and Spitts also has now come up with a new pellet grill.

Kamado Joe uses all natural hardwood lump charcoal as its fuel source.  With the Kamado Joe you control your temperature by controlling the air flow.  With Kamado Joe you can cook from 225 - 750 degrees.   You can slow smoke ribs, chicken, or brisket and you can also grill steaks and even use as a high heat pizza oven.

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Primo calls their product a "grill", but they are much more than that. Actually, they are a multi-purpose outdoor cooker. Grill, bake, roast, or smoke any food. In reality, a Primo Grill is a grill, an oven, and a smoker all rolled into one "grill". Primo's patented oval shape delivers simultaneous direct and indirect cooking. Grill thick sizzling steaks on the direct side, while roasting farm fresh asparagus on the indirect side. Round ceramic grills promise, but can't deliver the cooking performance of a Primo Oval.

Weber sets the standard for quality.  With many of the models made in the USA the quality standard is second to none.  10 year warranty on burner tubes.  10 year warranty on the finish (Outside of the Grill).  Texas Star Grill Shop has access to all Weber grills.  We focus on the 2 burner Spirit, 3 burner Genesis, as well as the 4 burner Summit.

Saber Infrared grills use a proprietary IR cooking System that is so advanced you can taste the difference.  It keeps meat juicy and tender even when cooked well done.   Saber also uses 30% less fuel than most grills keeping your fuel cost down.  With Saber there is no flare ups and fat drippings are vaporized making clean up a cinch. Available in propane or natural gas

Napoleon Gas Grills offer some innovative ideas on gas grilling.  From fold down shelves, Sear side burner option, charcoal trays these grills are sure to satisfy even the most picky griller.  Available in propane or natural gas.

DCS (Dynamic Cooking Systems) manufactures a full line of high quality, luxury outdoor cooking equipment. They are widely credited with popularizing stainless steel for residential cooking. All models built with 304 commercial grade stainless steel and available in natural gas (NG) or liquid propane (LP).

Delta Heat is a premium gas grill designed by an award-winning gas engineer, Dante Cantal.  His expert knowledge of residential appliances and high-end performance commercial cooking equipment, are instrumental in making his refined exceptional gas grills and outdoor equipment.  Delta Heat is not only stylish but an exceptional grill.  Delta Heat offers a direct and radiant heat grilling system using American made ceramic briquettes.  Available products include built-in grills and a complete line of outdoor components or free-standing grills.

Twin Eagles Grills are the ultimate high-end performance grills also developed by award-winning gas engineer, Danta Cantal.  He has produced the most refined and exceptionally designed, constructed grills and outdoor kitchen components.  Not only supremely stylish with geometric shapes, seamless welds and hi-polished accents, every grill offers the ultimate performance, producing restaurant style sear, perfectly cooked meats and vegetables, and versatile grilling capabilities. Available products include built-in gas and charcoal grills, a vast array of outdoor kitchen appliances and components or free-standing grills. When comparing to DCS grills or Lynx grills, you will find Twin Eagles Grills is a cut above.